Hospitality Included Establishment

Everyone at SRKB plays a role in bringing the collective vision to life. The kitchen isn’t filled with egos and the dinner service isn’t a competition between servers. There’s a shared rhythm to a good day’s work here — an industrious spirit true to the restaurant’s roots.

WHAT IS THE SERVICE FEE? A service charge of 20% is added to every check. The hustle at Stone Row is a team sport of professionals who take great pride in their work. This helps the entire team earn a stable, fair and livable wage reflective of their hard work.

WHY IS THE SERVICE CHARGE MODEL BETTER THAN TIPPING? It provides a more consistent and reliable income for employees and the venue. It allows fair distribution of the service fee among the staff without limit to position whereby dissolving and systematic disparity between the back and front of house staff.

CAN I LEAVE EXTRA MONEY FOR THE STAFF? Yes! And thank you for the generosity. We pay our staff a fair wage for their work. You do not need to leave additional money. If you do leave extra money it will be graciously distributed. You may also use the staff venmo @SRbrigade.

WHAT IF I DON’T’ FEEL COMFORTABLE PAYING THE SERVICE FEE? If you are ever unsatisfied with anything at all while dining at Stone Row. Please. Let us know! We will do everything we can to make it right.

Thank you for your support of this major change within the hospitality industry.