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Feast by Fire - June 15, 2024 | Brooklyn, CT.

An immersive dining experience

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Close your eyes. 

Imagine enjoying the company of your closest friends and family as you gaze upon a lush, pastoral field, cocktail in hand.


Hear the crackle of a roaring fire.


Embark on an immersive culinary experience


It's a menu prepared over open flames in full view by artisan chef and farmer Jefferson Munroe. With a focus on cooking with what the land provides, the menu features pasture-raised meats from Munroe's The Good Farm in Columbia and produce straight from the host venue, The Little Dipper Farm.
In addition, Jefferson and his crew will be supported by the team at Stone Row in Willimantic, shaking cocktails and elevating the night into an unforgettable hospitality experience.

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Basil Margarita
Mint Julep

Farm Staples Table

Regional Cheeses and Handcrafted Charcuterie Nuts + Dried Fruits + Preserves Seasonal Pickles Hearth-Baked Breads


Roasted Figs and Farm-Baked Bread
Berkshire Ham and Grilled Pears
Peruvian Style Chicken Heart Skewers

Family-Style Dinner

Fire Rotisserie Chicken with Polenta
Roasted Porchetta with Smoked Potato and Red Pepper Sauce
Charred Cabbage with Tahini  Dressing
Heirloom Roasted Farm Vegetables


S'mores with Grilled Fruits
Housemade Ice Creams

Adding to the ambiance, the music of Anthony Carabello (Black Eyed Sally's, Port of Call) and his band will blend funk's vibrant beats with jazz's sophisticated improvisations.

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The dinner takes place both outdoors on the farm grounds and inside under the roof of the historic carriage barn, once home to the famed Golden Lamb Buttery.

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Explore the Farm at Your Leisure:

The farm embraces the rhythm of the seasons. Feel free to wander the property during your visit, taking in the waterfront and our flourishing vegetable gardens.

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Feast by Fire: Saturday, June 15, 2024 at 6pm
Feast by Fire: Saturday, June 15, 2024 at 6pm

Feast by Fire: Saturday, June 15, 2024 at 6pm

Join us for Feast by Fire - A Field and Feast Pop-Up Experience Saturday June 15th. The sparks ignite at 6pm.

The ticket price is $149, all-inclusive plus tax. This covers the multi-course meal with beer, wine, welcome cocktails, farm tour, gratuity, live music, and some Field by Fire inspired surprises.

Tables available from two to 10 guests.

Little Dipper Farm
499 Wolf Den Road
Brooklyn, Connecticut

Planning your visit:

Address: Little Dipper Farm, 499 Wolf Den Road Brooklyn, Connecticut
Questions? Contact: 860-576-9474 or email events@fieldandfeast.farm

Working with the bounty of the season, our menu is subject to change. Some menu items may contain animal products that cannot be substituted. The majority of dishes are gluten-sensitive.

About Field & Feast

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Andy Gütt - Culinary Catalyst to Community Table.

Neighborhood Game-Changer Andy Gütt, whose impressive career has earned fans near and far, including rave reviews from the New York Times, and top honors from the Connecticut Restaurant Association. He's known for his neighborhood engergizing Willimantic restaurants, Cafemantic, later Stone Row, and his years as an award-winning caterer to weddings and the university community of eastern Connecticut.

Through Field and Feast, his immersive farm-to-table dining project at Little Dipper Farm, together they celebrate what makes us human despite our differences, curating experiences that bring together his network of chef collaborators and farmer partners to celebrate the connection between land, food, and community.


From Plate to Pasture: Gust Chef Jefferson Munroe, the Farmer-Butcher

More than just a farmer, guest Jefferson is a flavor architect. Since 2010, he's been crafting delicious and sustainable bounty at GOOD Farm. His approach? Biomimicry - working with nature's systems to cultivate the best possible food.

Island Roots, New England Ground: After years of success with GOOD Farm, farm-to-table shop The Larder, and the iconic Komrade Chicken on Martha's Vineyard, Jefferson and his wife Erin have set down roots in Columbia, Connecticut.

Jefferson's passion for good food extends beyond the farm. This includes his popular Twin Beaks Fried Chicken, a food trailer serving up delectable fried chicken dishes made with fresh, sustainable ingredients raised on the GOOD Farm.

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Once home to the Hillandale Handweavers and the Golden Lamb Buttery, The Little Dipper Farm has been reimagined by the new owners Lori and Venus Corriveau, who aim to honor the historic farm's legacy while creating a new chapter for the land.

Today, Little Dipper Farm is a destination for those wishing to relax and enjoy nature, to reconnect with the outdoors and to educate themselves on how to keep the environment healthy and sustainable.