About Stone Row

Stone Row is named for a long forgotten tenement neighborhood in Willimantic, a Victorian-era micro city in the town of Windham, Connecticut. The spirited commitment to crafting a better life that drove generations of immigrants into making Willimantic an internationally recognized leader of the very finest silk thread possible thrives today at Stone Row. The embodiment of the drive, hard-work, creativity, and ingenuousness of our neighborhood’s forbears resounds in those creating a culture of culinary excellence at this exciting restaurant.

Stone Row effectively draws upon the flavors, aromas, and food traditions of its historic neighborhood by focusing and capitalizing on local purveyors who offer the finest, freshest regional produce possible. The Seeded Northeast Corner’s rich heritage in farm, forage, and fish offerings provides an unbeatable opportunity for the creation of extraordinary dining experiences, which we have embraced. Local seasonality is essential to our success and uniqueness. Our support and engagement with an incredible array of local farmers, foragers, bakers, and others ensures that those who dine at Stone Row know what makes us stand out.

True to the testament of forging a better life, Stone Row employs an equitable approach to its working model. All serving staff are paid equitably for their commitment to our standards and in making the dining and hospitality experience as rewarding as it should be. The server that may work a slow shift, or can only work daytime where check averages are less, is not economically punished as a result of their sitation. The reliance on tips to earn an income doesn’t exist. Our no-tipping model, which compensates the entire team from busser to bartender and cook to dishwasher, is based on a respectful regard for each and all’s contributions and lives outside work.

We seek to honor the strong, connected social fabric of our historic downtown community. We relish our renown as the country’s "Thread City,” which represents the genuine success of generations of immigrants. They built a robust sense of community that is bred deep into our bones. We honor them in our culture of gathering and dining together. Stone Row, a cornerstone of this historic neighborhood, is where “local” continues to mean something.