Fried Chicken Dinner: 

A Quintessential September Afternoon

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Down-Home Dinner: Fried Chicken | Sunday, September 10, 2023 | Seatings begin from noon up to 5pm |Stone Row Patio

Indulge in classic American comfort food on a quintessential September afternoon. Frying to perfection will be our guest chef, butcher and farmsteader, Jefferson Munroe with the Twin Beaks Fried Chicken Trailer sharing his pasture-raised chickens from Munroe's aptly named, "The Good Farm" in Columbia, CT.

Munroe believes that good meat starts with an animal on pasture. His chickens are raised in moveable bottomless pens, enabling them to roam free to graze on a eat a diet of bugs, grass, and organic grain. This results in chickens that are more flavorful and juicier than those raised in factory farms.

Alongside the crispy skin and juicy meat, our homebase Chef Tyler will round out the meal with traditional sides and desserts. Grace from the bar team will be on hand to create the perfect cocktail to complement your meal. The entire menu will be gluten-free.

Tickets are $59 per person and include a basket of gluten-free fried chicken, hearty and soulful sides, comforting desserts and a bold and refreshing welcome cocktail. 

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What Makes @twinbeaksfriedchicken so crispy?

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The secret's in the starch, says chef/owner and chicken farmer Jefferson Munroe. His secret to the crispiest fried chicken ever is using a potato starch as the base for the coating. What's best is these chickens are pasture-raised right next door in Columbia, making for meatier, fattier, and more flavorful than most supermarket chickens.